Re: [Ekiga-list] Asterisk can't register on anymore

Le samedi 15 novembre 2008 à 17:14 +0100, Gerhard Pircher a écrit :
> Hi!
> I have an Asterisk server setup for Ekiga as described on The setup was working fine, but since the 11. November the server can't register on anymore. Asterisk reports "SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized” when enabling SIP debugging. BTW I use a preconfigured transparent SIP proxy on the firewall to work around NAT. Is there anything to change for the new service?
> Here's the SIP debug log (username deleted):

You receive a PDU asking you to authenticate, but it seems your asterisk
never authenticates.

Are you sure you did not change *your* configuration ? still
behaves the same as before and I see a few Asterisk PBX systems
registered there.
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