Re: [Ekiga-list] problems with video call using H263 codec

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> Betreff: [Ekiga-list] problems with video call using H263 codec
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> Datum: Freitag, 7. November 2008, 18:46
> Hi,
> if I try to call X-Lite running on Win32 from Ekiga 3.0.1 I
> can't get a video 
> connection. Audio works fine, though.
> X-Lite only supports the H263 video codec, but it
> doesn't seem to harmonize 
> with ekiga's h263-1998 which I can see in
> Preferences/video/codecs.

H.263 / RFC 2190 has been deprecated and shall no longer be used. If it is still necessary, there is a plugin making use of a hacked ffmpeg library which you can compile from the OPAL sources. However this plugin is being deprecated as well, since the H.263-1998 plugin is being added RFC2190 support as well in the trunk of OPAL (you can also compile this plugin from the sources)

> I had a look on the Session Description Protocol in the
> SIP/Invite frame with 
> Wireshark:
> When I call from ekiga, ekiga offers video  as a MIME type
> "h263-1998", when I 
> call from X-Lite, the MIME type is "H263". Is it
> possible this doesn't match?

See above.

> My second question is why I can't see any entry for
> H263+ as an available 
> codec in Preferences/video/codecs.
> When I run ekiga -d 4 it seems that everything is OK with
> H263+:
> gerhard pfeil:~> ekiga -d 4
>         dyna.cxx(111)   H263+   DYNA    Successfully loaded
> ''
>         dyna.cxx(331)   H263+   DYNA    Successfully loaded
> libavcodec library 
> and verified functions
>    h263-1998.cxx(994)   H263+   Codec   Enabled
> Is this normal?

Yes. H.263 - 1998 is the same as H.263+.

> best regards
> Gerhard

To summarize the H.263 mess:

H.263 (no +) = H.263 1995/1996 (RFC2190)
H.263 + = H.263 1998 (RFC 2429 / RFC 4629)
somtimes you also find H.263++ = H.263 2000 (RFC 4629)


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