Ekiga and Creative Webcam Instant problem

I run ekiga under hardy.

I have the same problem posted on the internet:  Ekiga works fine, except that the imaged is chopped, and only the upper left corner of the image is shown.

However, Wengophone detects the same camera correctly, and does not chop the image.  Given that Wengophone is open source, it could be possible to see what they did so that the camera does not crop the image.

By the way, camorama does crop the image too.  I recall that a previous version of camorama did show the non cropped version.  But the most recent version has a segfault when trying to select a larger image.

I also tried easycam, but it failed.  I don't know why.  Probably because I have a hauppauge tv tuner, or because another program was using the web-cam (Ekiga, it could be).

Thanks for your attention.


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