Re: [Ekiga-list] Microphone doesn't work

On Jan 7, 2008 10:14 AM, Chris Rankin <rankincj yahoo com> wrote:
--- Jack Smith <jack delbert gmail com> wrote:
> I still don't know how to make the USB mike on
> my webcamera work but at least it isn't a specifically Ekiga problem.

I am also have non-ekiga-specific trouble recording from USB webcams, e.g.

$ arecord -t wav -f cd -d 5 -D webcam > testing.wav

should record 5 seconds of sound from the PCM device called "webcam" that I have defined in my
.asoundrc file as: {
       type plug
       slave {
               pcm "hw:1,0"

(sound card index 1). However, depending on the webcam, I either get 5 seconds of silence instead,
or arecord hangs, or it actually works in one case. There's definitely something funny going on...


Yeah, both Ekiga and Audacity _show_ the USB microphone, they just won't _use_ it.
Jack Smith

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