Re: [Ekiga-list] Re (2): Audio-Problems

> In Debian Lenny on both a generic machine and 
> an IBM NetVista, Ekiga and Skype tolerate each 
> other.  They can not use the sound hardware 
> simultanously of course but there should never 
> be a reason to.

Hm, I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. I remember
that the last time I used Skype (was some 2-3 months
ago!) Ekiga audio did not work when Skype was
running. I think it was with older versions of all 
Ekiga, Skype and operating system (Fedora). So I 
won\'t be of any help with this. Maybe Judith can 
provide information about her problem?


> What system is the conflict observed in?  
> Does a conflict exist immediately after startup? 
> Does a conflict only occur after a Skype conversation?
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