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Le mardi 30 décembre 2008 à 12:00 +0100, Palo S. a écrit :
> I have reproduced the same problem on yet another computer 
> running Ubuntu with Ekiga 3.0 packaged by Yannick. So my 
> suspicion on distribution specificity is wrong. I am even 
> more wondering why nobody else complains about this...
> weird.

This is quite an interesting question.

I must admit I've seen myself the same issue you reported: my ekiga 3
not being able to accurately display presence for my contacts in the
long run.

Why I did not reported this? My packs are not latest stable version, I
did not have something more accurate than just I can see it did not work
all time. In short, I did not believe I had enough to track the bug down
efficiently. And I also admit my commitment to this project is sometime
weaker... Let's no fall in the mistake of being guilty, but when
comparing to other similar projects backed by profit, it is quite

This also raise question about the quality process for Ekiga. I do not
count much on our users to perform such testing by themselves, except
for obvious bugs like craches, totally broken feature, etc. Fortunately
there is people like you taking time to report, but this is not the
right way for most people who need a lot of guidance for it and who
probably do not have the culture background to clearly see how much
feedback is important for us.

I congrats you for being so insistant on this issue. Most people would
have given up a long time ago.

I think we should improve this part of our practise:

And I also need to set back up the daily snapshots/last stable for
Ubuntu. So many work to do...

I think we should:
1- ease the process of reporting issues; waiting for people to show up
in the right place, then asking for a -d 4 probably make it harder to
2- build up automatic testing/regression test for ekiga

Best regards,

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