Re: [Ekiga-list] 473 Filtered destination

> I still see SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY and responses being exchanged. Only the
> REGISTER seems to be blocked or am I missing something ?

SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY are only exchanged for a few minutes:
21:17:48 last REGISTER (expires 600)
21:22:46 last SUBSCRIBE (expires 300)
and then absolutely nothing till 23:18 when I quit
Ekiga (well, I had to kill it)

I am really wondering about my 100% reproducibility
on other machines and in other networks. Why does 
nobody else complain about this then? Could it be
distribution specific from some reason? There is 
Fedora 8, 9 or 10 running on all these machines 
(and the problem is also reproducible with Ekiga 3 
from Fedora 10 repositories) 

At the moment I workaround it by a script that kills 
Ekiga if the log file has not been modified for some


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