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Od: Colin Alie  
Poslaná: 13.12.2008 23:59 
Predmet: Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga version 2.0.12 no longer compatible

> Good evening,
> You\'re correct Palo.  It was Damien who suggested upgrading to version 3.0.  
> Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the continuing to follow this thread.
> >  Can you have a look at the port forwarding on your router, especially port 
> 5060? In my case disabling port forwarding of 5060 did the trick...
> By \"disabling port forwarding of 5060\", are you suggesting that I disable 
> forwarding of incoming packets to port 5060 on the external interface of my 
> modem/router to port 5060 of the laptop upon which Ekiga is running?
> At the moment, there are no port forwarding rules in place.

Hi Colin,

which router do you use? Just wondering that some routers do 
some kind of 6050 mapping automatically and you can\'t see it 
in port forwarding options, Speedtouch 510/530 being a well
known example...
If this is not the case, perhaps you can try to forward 6050
to your notebook (this is just a blind attempt, of course,
as the opposite helped in my case - but still may be worth 
a shot since we have reasons to believe that Kamailio has 
problems with your current NAT settings)


> Until next time, Colin.
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