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Phil Reynolds wrote:
I am trying to get ekiga to work in Debian lenny, with the H263 codec, but when I build opal, H263 is not supported. I am currently backporting packages from experimental.

What do I need to do to get h263? Is there a better way to do this, remaining otherwise on lenny?

You must install libavcodec-dev not from debian (h263 is not dfsg), but from other site, for ex.

It seems that ptlib wants libdc1394-13-dev and libavcodec-dev installs -22-dev - these are conflicting requirements that in turn cause there to be no h263.

With ekiga 2.*, I could send sip:number to my Asterisk box and it would dial that number in the context. I have to put @fqdn on the end now for that to work - is there, or will there be, a way to fix this?

I think that this automatic completion was removed, in order to have a proper address (think to e-mails: you put always the host address too). However, it has now an autocompletion feature (à la firefox).

But you don't when mailing within the same system. Also, allowing a bare number would make it more telephone-like. Not doing so will make it difficult for another potential user here (not me).

Phil Reynolds
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