[Ekiga-list] recommend a phone usable to ekiga and PSTN

Hello. I am looking for having a new telephone for my office. I don't
have much space so I wish to avoid having one telephone doing
traditional landline call and another headset doing ekiga call. I am
thinking having one telephone is enough.

Idea A:
Buy a traditional telephone that has a micophone and speaker jack plug.
I plug it to my notebook so when I use ekiga the audio jack plug is
used, when I do traditional phone call the RJ11 plug is used. Such a
telephone does not require any digital parts and does not act as a USB
device. First I am not sure if such device exists, then if it exists I
don't know what keyword to search in ebay. Further I have an iBook,which
has a special jack socket that have 4 contacts and handles both speaker
& microphone (instead of other notebooks with two jack socket, one for
microphone and one for speaker, each with 3 contacts). I am worrying
maybe having a compatible device is difficult, then I need to buy a
"splitter" to convert my 4-contact jack socket to two 3-contact jack

Idea B:
Buy a USB telephone that act as audio playback and audio capture device
in Linux. First I am not sure if such device supports traditional
telephone line. Then both two devices mentioned in
http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Controling_Ekiga_using_an_USB_phone are
not found in ebay China.


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