[Ekiga-list] H323 - using GateKeeper

Hello Ekiga's friends,

I'ld be grateful to know how to set the Ip address of a gatekeeper in
Ekiga's preferences. I try to enter the ip address of my gatekeeper that
usually recognises other H323 videoconference software, but it doens't work
with Ekiga. Is there some additional condition ? Do i have to use a
prefix., do i need to enter an url at the line under ?

Both Ekiga and GateKeeper are on a same LAN without restriction all ports
are opened.

To give u other details i cant access to a registrar that would be based
out of my company, all ports except the usual port 80 and 443 are
forbidden, so i cant use SIP  as the port 5060 is forbidden

STUN isn't working as well

Thks for your help

Bruno France

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