Re: [Ekiga-list] details: Ekiga crash on Slackware 12.0

Le jeudi 03 avril 2008 à 08:16 +0000, D Webb a écrit :
> 2. Ran Ekiga offline. Got these two errors:
> --- error 1 ---------
> Error while starting the listener for the SIP protocol
> You will not be able to receive incoming SIP calls. Please check that
> no other program is already running on the port used by Ekiga.
> --- error 2 ------------
> Same as above for H.323
> ---------------------

This is the current "normal" behavior.


> --- error 3 ----------
> bash-3.1# ekiga
> (ekiga:3305): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:1715: handler `2912'
> of instance `0x849f980' is not blocked
> ekiga: pcm_params.c:2351: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0'
> failed.
> Aborted
> bash-3.1# 

That is still the same ALSA bug.
It seems that a few people have that bug. However, the crash is in
libasound, not in Ekiga. Ekiga has worked correctly during years before
they introduce a specific change in the lib that triggers that crash.

I can not do anything to fix that bug unfortunately. Please complain to
the ALSA developers, they know their product, and they know what can be
done or tested to fix it or to work around it in Ekiga.
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