Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.00 available for WIN32 *only*

Excellent news! I completely agree with this move - you
discovered a hole in the market! There is just too much 
competition in VOIP under Linux while in fact all the 
Windows users just use one (rather crappy and limited) 
piece of software - apparently nothing better is available. 
Thus, I am absolutely sure that immediately after the 
release of Ekiga 3.0 for Windows, the majority of Windows 
users will adopt 3.0 because no current software for Windows
can even touch the functionalities and capabilities of
Ekiga 2, not talking about 3. 
The only major objection I have is that you should be more
looking into future and not release WIN32 but rather WIN128. 
This new platform is going to dominate the world in the 
coming centuries and it would be a pity if Ekiga lost this 
market just because it concentrates on the old WIN32.
So: release Ekiga 3 for WIN128 only and as shareware only
and the success is inevitable.

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Predmet: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.00 available for WIN32 *only*

> Hello,
> I just put the news on :
> Due to the big popularity of the Microsoft Windows operating system
> compared to the GNU/Linux desktop, we have decided to put all our
> efforts on the WIN32 port of Ekiga.
> Due to the increased amount of work and the lack of spare time, Ekiga
> 3.00 will only be released for WIN32.
> While Ekiga 3.00 will stay free (as free beer), it will be the last
> version to be completely free. From Ekiga 3.20, Ekiga will become a
> shareware with a small license fee to use either Ekiga or its associated
> platform The money that it will generate will finally allow
> us to live from our project instead of spending countless hours for free
> on it.
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