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Resending here in the hope to get more help...

I have now check and am using all latest SVN versions of the libraries:

svn update says:

At revision 19877.

At revision 19877

At revision 6103.

I have followed the instructions from the Wiki and cleaned away Opal, ptlib and ekiga from my system. Anyone who would have a good idea for a next step?

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Le mardi 01 avril 2008 à 17:18 +0200, Emmanuel Frecon a écrit :
> Hope this is the appropriate list. As some of you may recall, I am 
> trying to compile Ekiga for the first time, this time on Linux. I have 
> been following the instructions on the wiki for a ubuntu-based system. 
> Unfortunately, the current version of Opal, PTlib and Ekiga fails with 
> the following:
> endpoints/manager.cpp:388: error: ‘class OpalConnection’ has no member 
> named ‘GetSession’
> (a number of these).
> I am new to all this, but if the OpalConnection in question is the one 
> declared in the opal subdirectory of the Opal distribution, it has 
> indeed... no GetSession() member. Are the versions out of sync anyhow?

This kind of discussion is more appropriate on ekiga-list gnome org
You have mismatched pwlib and opal libraries on your system. Try
cleaning it up!
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