[Ekiga-list] ekiga 2.0.11 install

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Sat Sep 29 18:46:14 UTC 2007

Hello Zach

On 9/29/07, Zachary Zelinski  wrote:
> Using Ubuntu Feisty. I have installed pwlib and opal from the files in the
> download section of the Ekiga site. When I try to install ekiga using
> ,./configure, make, and make install, it says I need the opal headers. So I
> go to my synaptic package manager and install the opal-dev package there,
> but it says I need to install opal-2.2.0. I cannot install one without the
> other. So I do that, and now ekiga "./configure" is telling me I have the
> wrong version of Opal.
> How do I get the newest opal headers so I can install ekiga? Do you have a
> tar.gz of these headers that I might be able to use? I need them as soon as
> possible!

It is easiest to either get all three as deb packages (ekiga opal and
pwlib) or to compile all three from source (./configure, make etc) to
make sure you have matching versions.

So I suggest you remove those header packages that synaptic found, and
then install the ekiga deb from http://www.ekiga.org/

Reason to get all packages from the same place is that many recent
ekiga bug fixes are actually not in ekiga but in opal and pwlib.
Therefore the pwlib and opal packages on www.ekiga.org are actually
development snapshots, rather that official releases - these snapshots
match ekiga best.

2.0.9 packages for Ubuntu are at http://www.ekiga.org/

2.0.11 packages in Debian sid may also interest you.


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