[Ekiga-list] Ekiga quits, (crashes?), when I click on the Webcam icon, or on the "Test Video Device" button in the Druid.

Hi Damien and Kilian,
Thanks for your instant and most helpful replies. I have just been to the Ubuntu website to check out my options for upgrading and have found that the situation is not so simple. Feisty, Version 7.04 is now obsolete and is no longer available for downloading, having been superceded by a new release, Version 7.10, called Gutsy, (would you believe?). I cannot upgrade to it because it is one release removed from my Dapper, (it is only possible to upgrade from one release to the next). So I would have to install it, which would wipe out my Dapper. I am not willing to do that because my Dapper is highly configured now for my particular usage needs. I have spent many hours over this past year configuring it, adding a number of new applications and fighting with obstacles that were presented at every step. So I am not willing, or able to repeat that dedication of effort.
But I have another option. I have two hard disks in my CPU and one is vacant. So I could install Gutsy on the vacant HD and run Dapper and Gutsy side by side, putting the latest version of Ekiga  in Gutsy and continue with my efforts to activate my webcam there. But this plan depends on whether you are going to provide an Ekiga download file for Gutsy. I am therefore in your hands and will appreciate your comments on this point. Thanks again for your friendly help. Ian Murdoch.

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