Re: [Ekiga-list] problem

W.P. wrote:
> Hello,
> I have problem with server:
> 1). I CAN register with ekiga program (Linux, 2.0.11).
> 2). I CAN register with asterisk 1.4 using SIP to the same account
> 3). I CAN'T register with an Grandstream GS-386 VoIP gateway.

Do you mean the Grandstream Handytone-386?

 But with
> the SAME hardware I CAN register to other VoIP providers.
> 4). I CAN register Grandstream with my own asterisk.

> Any ideas? Suggestions on how to trace problem?

I use a handytone-486 and multiple copies of ekiga. The HT-486 registers
with one voip provider and the various ekiga copies register with
several providers *including* the one used for the grandstream (sipgate,
as it happens).

Of course, when registering with sipgate, it is necessary to use
different SIP ports for the the various copies of ekiga and the
Handytone. I have left my handytone with the default 5060 as shown here:

I have used the gconf editor to change the ekigas on different machines
to use 5062, 5064, etc.

I think the HT-386 shares the same firmware with the HT-386, so I would
expect this to work for you.


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