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Anyone have video working  on the Windows Beta of EKIGA ?
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From: Komara, Kevin
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Subject: Video Problem with Ekiga on Windows XP Pro

I am a new Ekiga user.  I have to compliment your efforts - Ekiga is a very nice piece of software !!
I have successfully installed Ekiga on 2 PCs (PC1 and PC2) on my home network running Windows XP Pro on both PCs.  The software installed beautifully on both PCs.  I was able to configure SIP through my Asterisk Win32 Server (On a third Windows XP PC - PC3).  I can make full duplex voice calls through Asterisk WIn32 using Ekiga between PC1 and PC2 with no issues.  What I really want to do is video conference between PC1 and PC2 through Asterisk. 
I have not set up a SIP account on your web site - I just want to do SIP calls on my private network.
PC1 has an older analog video capture card - Pinnacle DC10+ installed.  I have an old VHS video camera plugged into it.  It works very well under Windows XP and is recognized by Ekiga.  I can see the video from the DC10+ on the local screen under Ekiga.
PC2 has a newer USB video camera installed.  It also works very well under WindowsXP - although it is slower and with much poorer resolution than the DC10+.  The USB camera is also recognized by Ekiga on PC2 and I can see its video on the local Ekiga window.
When I make a call from PC1 to PC2 I expected the video from PC1 to be visible in a window on PC2, and of course the video from PC1 on a window on PC2.  This does not happen.  I only see the local video on both PC1 and PC2.  Under the view on both Ekiga installations I see the options for "Remote Video", "Both(Picture-in-Picture)", "Both (Side-by-Side)", and "Both (Both in New Windows)" - but NONE of these options can be selected - they are grayed out.  Should this be working ???  Do I have something configured incorrectly ?  Do I have to purchase an upgrade ?
I have successfully configured another piece of Video conference software (Zoomcall Pro) and the video from these same PCs works fine in video conference mode.  Unfortunately Zoomcall REQUIRES you to communicate through their server on the Internet.  I don't want to do that - I want to stay on my private network.
Please help any way you can.
Also - as you might have guessed - I have quite an elaborate set up in my lab area so I would be willing to test any new software you might need a third party to test.
Kevin Komara
Kevin J. Komara P.E.
Senior Engineer
PJM Interconnection L.L.C.
Phone:   (610) 666-4751
Fax:       (610) 666-4282
Email:    komarak pjm com

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