Re: [Ekiga-list] Webcam Doesn\'t Scale

Ah, yes. I see now (although it is not clickable - perhaps I need to be in a video call first?) Additionally, I see on the video calls webpage that ekiga has the ability to do CIF when using h.263 codec. Is it possible for me to manually choose this codec? When would ekiga use h.263? Only when connected to a client that requires it?


Julien Puydt wrote:
Jack Deslippe a écrit :
Ok, thanks everyone for answering my question. I have forwarded the responses to Michel Xhaard the maintainer of the gspca driver to see if he can help at all. On a related issue, I think it would be nice for ekiga to support more than one video size (I think QCIF is pretty small). I am also interested in full screen option. Are these features planed in the future? Perhaps in ekiga 3.0?

Don't we already have fullscreen?

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