[Ekiga-list] Best practices for using VoIP with FOSS


As I found out that my ISP is blocking the output of VoIP, I'm gonna
try to set up a VoIP system myself in order to bypass that.

To set it up there are a lot of different things to account for, and
as a VoIP newbie that I am, I'd like to know what are best choices of
FOSS to do just that and some other decisions like:

H323 or SIP?

Asterisk or OpenPBX?

I'm not asking for long and detailed answers (I prefer that you spend
your time doing something better like enhance Ekiga :) ), I'd like to
know just what you guys would use for setting videoconferencing (and
maybe multi-user videoconferencing? ) in PC 2 PC connections.

Hope I've been clear...

Thanks for your enlightenment! Best regards

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