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Hi ,

Thank you for the immediate reply. I will go through the code and check out
the area of fix. 
Can you give me some inputs where to start ,so that I don't spend too much
time in digging into code. 

Thanks in Advance,

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Le jeudi 15 mars 2007 à 11:54 +0530, ANISHA KUMAR a écrit :
>  Hi ,
>        I saw a mail from Damien Sandras in Ekiga, looking for 
> volunteers. I would like to join your team and be a part of the bug 
> fixing team.
>        I think i can start with the bug fixing. I am pretty new to 
> this and dont have much knowledge of the code.
>         While going through the bug list i found the following bug
> "Bug 339831 - Ekiga sent ARQ even though RAS account was removed"    
>         I have good knowledge of the H.323 protocol. So i thought i 
> would take up a related bug and start looking into the code.
>         Can i join this and  start with this ?

Yes, sure ! 

Help is welcome in various areas of Ekiga.

The best to do is often to join #ekiga on to be part of the
community of developers.

I think that bug is simple : I think it just means that when you remove an
account from the UI, the account is not unregistered.

Thanks for your help proposition !
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