Re: [Ekiga-list] 500 ekiga net does not respond

On 6/9/07, yannick <sevmek free fr> wrote:

Yes, you're right. The point with silence detection is: when you don't
talk, ekiga will stop sending paquets and as soon as you'll talk again
ekiga will send your voice. If you don't use silence detection ekiga
will send paquets all time during the communication (no matter you're
talking or not). You can see that in the statistic tab.

WOW... never seen such a powerful Voice-chat application. i am
impressed. now Yahoo messenger, Skype and Rediff and all others feel
like a crap

Me joindre en téléphonie IP / vidéoconférence ?
sip:yannick ekiga net
Logiciel de VoIP Ekiga :

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