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On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 21:18:16 -0700 (PDT)
Najeeb Khawaja <najeeb_khawaja yahoo com> wrote:

> Step 1: Open the PC-To-Phone configuration window from the Tools menu
> and purchase an account. You absolutely need to purchase the account
> from the PC-To-Phone configuration window or it won’t work.
> • Step 2: Wait for the mail that will give you a login and a PIN.
> • Step 3: Enter that login and PIN in the appropriate fields in the
> window and enable the PC-To-Phone service.
> you are charging for a service that I can get for FREE!

Then don't do it. I'm sure you read carefully and saw that the PC2Phone
"feature" is nothing essential you need to work with. If you don't need
it, then don't use it. Ther are many free SIP providers around, the
application Ekiga is *not* bound to any of them, even if the druid
("" as provider) or some extra window ("" as
provider) help to configure it.

Where's your actual problem? If you need help in "not clicking something
you do not need", then this is the wrong address to ask for.

If you know a SIP provider that routes calls to PSTN, without taking
one cent for it, then other users may be interested in and you could
announce it on some mailinglist.

Summary of the above: Ekiga (the application) itself is a normal
configurable softphone and doesn't care at all which SIP providers you
configure there. It is not bound to any specific provider.

Please direct possible further notes about Ekiga to the Ekiga user
mailing list, the email address you just wrote to is a technical
support address for (a SIP provider), not for Ekiga (the
application). I'll CC the list.

Best regards,

Jan Schampera accounts team

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