[Ekiga-list] Conference room status

Hi, i was just wondering what the status is on converencing with ekiga
these days.

I know you can 'dial' into a preset server/channels, but does this work
'dumb user mode' too? I hate to bring up skype, but I'm thinking, right
click user, invite to converence. A simple message could be sent to the
user to join channel number XXX with pin YYY.

Also does ekiga work with video conference aswell? E.g. have more then 2
users see eachother via webcams? As that would be a 'killer feature' for
ekiga. I know you can't just host rooms for video aswell, as it al costs
a lot of bandwidth, and I know ekiga can't build mini servers into their
apps, like skype does, cause i belive it's an outrage that they do that.

Anyway, just sharing a few thoughts/questions.


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