Re: [Ekiga-list] How do I video chat with Windows users?

Le dimanche 22 juillet 2007 �4:10 -0800, Damien Hull a �it :
> Here's what I have.
>     * Ubuntu Feisty
>           o Comes with Ekiga 2.0.3
>     * Ekiga sip account
>     * Working web cam

You can refer to the ubuntu documentation I almost wrote:

> I did a lot of searching for a Windows video chat client. All the 
> windows testing was don on XP.
>     * Installed the Windows version of Ekiga
>           o Connects to the Ekiga sip service
>           o Test call works
>           o There's no video

You can try this new BETA version:


>     * I tried Windows Live Messenger
>           o No sip option
>     * Downloaded Windows Messenger 5.1 something
>           o Followed the instructions on the Ekiga website
>           o It won't connect to the Ekiga sip service
> I'm trying to use the sip service so I don't have to mess with router 
> settings. I hope there is a Windows video chat client that has a sip 
> option. If there isn't one I'll have to boot XP and use Skype.
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