Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 2.0.5 available - Trouble with SIP?


I have been testing ekiga 2.0.5 on a couple of machines, and I have noticed that SIP support is
misbehaving on one of them. The issues I am seeing are:

a) ekiga does not "ring" while waiting to connect
b) There are no statistics shown on the panel
c) The "disconnect" button makes ekiga hang

I am not using STUN support on the machine that has the problem, because that machine is connected
directly to the Internet. (Yes, there's a firewall, but ekiga 2.0.3 negotiated that firewall OK).
The sound cards is an ENS1370, with ALSA 1.0.13 (driver and lib)

Does anyone else see anything like this, please?


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