[Ekiga-list] T120 Protocol


Presently my firm is married into NetMeeting for the next few years. Do you ever foresee whereby we could use ekiga with a modification to the T120 protocol that would allow a Microsoft WTS server use the ekiga to host meetings (netmeeting). Presently we only use netmeeting for presentations and sharing desktops. We do not use netmeeting for VOIP/Video.

We all realize that Microsoft is moving away from Netmeeting, but we cannot seem to move our 1,000's of users over to Livemeeting to do this function for the next 2 years. If we could somehow modify the way that the RDP communicates to the WTS in providing an unique IP address, then we would be golden in switching over to ekiga, and running it from Solaris

Any feedback is appreciated.



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