[Ekiga-list] Calling outside landlines.

Oisin Feeley oisin.feeley at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 12:55:29 UTC 2006

On 9/24/06, Dave Sampson <dsampson at ncf.ca> wrote:
> Well I got a PC to Phone account up and working fine. But I have to say
> it took alot of trust to use an outside service that I never heard of.

Same for me.  Except that I didn't totally go on trust.  I searched for what
information that I could find on Dreamtime.net/Diamondcard.us and found no
records with the Better Business Bureau, and also no negative posts about
them on several VOIP forums.

Maybe even a page explaining the choice of vendor, who they are and the
> relationship they have with EKIGA. it felt like giving my money to a
> stranger. Anyone else feel the same?

Definitely.  I spent a long time trying to find out about who Stephen
Karrington and Diamondcard.us (not to be confused with diamondcard.net) were
and could not find out much.   Given that this company is given as the
default in the setup it would be useful if the developers were to release a
little more information about it.

I asked on this list a week or so ago if anyone had any experiences with
them and heard nothing.

Best wishes,
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