Re: [Ekiga-list] Any known problems with Suse Firewall?

Le mercredi 25 octobre 2006 à 10:24 +0200, Stefan Stolz a écrit :
> Hello,
> i allready tried so much things, but Ekiga dont works stable on my Suse
> Linux with Sipgate. This means Sometimes my telefone partner hears me
> silent, sometimes correct, sometimes in packages and so on. In windows
> with x-lite there were never such problems.
> I allready tested often the tip from damien to call the test call of ekiga
> voip. This works everytime. So it must have something to do with Sipgate.
> But because of the reason, that it always works in windows it cant be
> Sipgate alone.
> Could it be, that my Firewall makes problems? I think of this because i
> have an other strange bevahiour: After Ekiga is started for lets say 10
> minutes i cann call others, but other come into my mailbox. If i start
> ekiga new it works again for 10 minutes.
> Could this all have something todo with my suse firewall?

Yes I think so.

Always start ekiga with -d 4. ekiga -d 4 > output.txt 2>&1

Then, reproduce the problem, note the time when the problem begins on a
sheet of paper, and send us the part of output.txt where the problem
appeared. I might guess things from that.

Damien Sandras

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SIP Phone               : sip:dsandras ekiga net

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