Re: [Ekiga-list] Remote user offline

Damien wrote:

> If it receives 480 Offline, believe me, the user is not registered. 
> I can not tell more.

I went to check the other system tonight. Both users were registered and
confirmed. HOWEVER, it appeared that the setup had not completely finished
somehow, since the userid wasn't in the config wizard anymore. Strange, but on
redoing it, the NAT test said that it "Could not detect the type of NAT" and
Ekiga says something like "login failed: time limit" in the status bar.

> Do you have a -d4 output for system2? 

It's on but it would appear now that the
problem is in the firewall on system2, is that correct? So I guess I have to
open up udp:5000-5100?

Kind regards,


M.J.L. van der Kleij
Senior Unix/Linux Consultant
Tukcedo Services
michel tukcedo nl

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