[Ekiga-list] Ubuntu documentation


I just upgraded the ubuntu documentation for Ekiga. This is just a
beginning, installing 2.0.3 and CVS on Dapper will follow when Kilian
will made both of them available, probably some how-to reach land
line/cellular phones, how-to use Ekiga (general) and with other SIP
phones (including on windows), some tricks (recording if i found a way;
some mails here should help, large video,...).


This documentation is primarly based on my french documentation :
for wich i provide support thru a forum (in order to test if my
documentation is appropriate).

As i'm not very confortable in english, i'll appraciate people review it
and help me avoid mistakes/improve it.

Me joindre en t�phonie IP / vid�onf�nce ?
sip:yannick ekiga net

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