[Ekiga-list] [wiki] Peering, Enum, Fun numbers...

Simon Wood simon at mungewell.org
Fri Dec 29 04:59:24 UTC 2006

Hi Yannick,
Fantastic work!

I've been in and made some minor alterations to ENUM and Peering. I didn't want change Peering too much, but I believe that the example using international format numbers is a little confusing as not all providers provide a 'full' number.

For example FWD numbers are only 6 digit and have no geological basis, so the peering example to FWD would be a little more simple with something like '*393 123456'.

It's truely progressing that some European countries are allocating area codes to represent VoIP providers. Here in North America there doesn't appear to be that 'intellegence' (or maybe there aren't enough area codes left). Numbers are allocated on a per-number basis as the whole backbone in digital anyhow.

I am unaware of PSTN and Cell providers which peer with other networks, I believe that it is just a VoIP thing. If they do, surely they do it automatically and no prefix is required....

Anyway, good job.

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