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On 06/06/15 15:04, schwatzi web de wrote:

Sorry Scwatzi to answer so late, we are too busy.

How does STUN work in ekiga?

STUN is normaly used as followed:
The STUN client should use the same socket as SIP and the received IP
and Port should then be used for constructing Contact- , Via- field and
Then a keepalive is needed to keep the NAT Session in the router alive (
to refresh the mapping table entry).
This could be a done in many ways.
1. sending registers more frequently
2. sending empty SIP packets
3. sending SIP Request like OPTIONS or NOTIFY(Event: keepalive).
A STUN Request should be done frequently in case the public address (IP
or port) changes( i.e. after a router restart )

Looking at Ekiga
- it uses a different socket for SIP and STUN ( therefor it cannot use
the discovered port to build the contact SIP packets. So a user needs to
configure his router, too. i.e. Portforwarding or SIP-ALG)
- it adds the public IP in the contact but doesn't change the Via.

Well, it does change the Via with the public address, see example below.

- it only sends one STUN Request when registering, and don't updates its
public address
- it has no keepalive

It does have a keepalive (OPTIONS), for example:

... Housekeepe...baac34b700 SIP Sending PDU (586 bytes) to: rem=udp$,local=udp$,if=
OPTIONS sip:ededu 86 64 162 35 SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK9a00c7ec-a144-e211-80bf-0024d693d8e8;rport
User-Agent: Ekiga/4.1.0
From: "Eugen Dedu" <sip:ededu 82 238 108 175>;tag=e6f5c6ec-a144-e211-80bf-0024d693d8e8
Call-ID: 22a3bfec-a144-e211-80bf-0024d693d8e8 snoopy
To: <sip:ededu 86 64 162 35>
Accept: application/sdp, application/media_control+xml, application/dtmf, application/dtmf-relay Allow: INVITE,ACK,OPTIONS,BYE,CANCEL,SUBSCRIBE,NOTIFY,REFER,MESSAGE,INFO,PING,PRACK
Expires: 3600
Content-Length: 0
Max-Forwards: 70

The two other remarks are important, especially the first one!! However, note that STUN is being dropped in ekiga, so this should no longer apply for the next Ekiga release.

I put this on my TODO list also, if it will still be relevant.


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