[Ekiga-devel-list] Using gstreamer for everything audio and video in ekiga


you'll find attached a tarball with a few things ; among those a README explaining what the rest of the tarball is about.

There is a Makefile to build the sample code and to compile the design graph into an image (using the graphviz package). The sample code uses gstreamer (both base and bad packages -- because of the inter plugin). Typing "make" should build everything cleanly.

The idea behind this code is to discover how to do some things with gstreamer:
- start audio events ;
- change an input device while the pipeline runs (ie: during a call) ;
- record what happens -- starting while the pipeline runs, and stopping while the pipeline runs (ie: record parts of a call).

The goal would be to use gstreamer for everything audio&video related in ekiga.

Please have a look at the code and the design, ask questions, and let's try to settle everything down with sample code before doing anything within ekiga.


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