Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] ptlib/opal v14 news

On 03/03/14 17:17, Peter Robinson wrote:
Except the bug with make opt instead of make:
- ptlib compiles fine on linux and on windows
- opal compiles fine on linux, not yet tested on windows
- ekiga does not compile, for ex. ptbuildopts.h does not exist anymore

Now ptlib and opal build fine for linux and windows.

It remains ekiga.

Is there plans to cut an alpha release tarball if you want wider
testing? What's the plans for heading towards the next release?

I personnaly would like to make at least two preview releases before getting the stable out. It is very important to get wide testing, given the myriad of cases to be dealt with. I would release the first preview when it works well on my machine. Difficult to make a prediction for this first preview, I would say 1-6 months.

As for features still waiting to be integrated, I see Damien's work on gtkapplication/gmenumodel, the switch to ptlib/opal v14, both undergoing, and some polishes and bug fixes here and there.

This is only my view of things.


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