Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [Win32] Trouble with glib/gio

On 17/02/14 08:41, Julien Puydt wrote:

The problem description is: <<<
When starting ekiga and showing the call history, only one line per
entry is shown (destination address).  If I make a call, the call
history shows two lines per entry: destination and info about the call
(duration etc.)

It should show all the information from the beginning.

What I saw last time I managed to make ekiga run was that for each call
history entry, I had a line and a half. Yes, I had a second line, but it
was half-hidden. I'd love to say that it was the next line hiding the
last half of the previous, but even the last one had that...

I couldn't have a look at what happens when adding a new call because
when I clicked to make one, I goofed and clicked on video preview... and
now I'm stuck :-P

I do not know if you have found it yet: there is dconf-editor, org->gnome->ekiga->devices->video.


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