Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Trouble with h323 contacts

This is fixed with

On 27/03/13 13:51, Thierry Simonnet wrote:
I can reproduce it with the last trunk.
I have an SIP account
I have a contact "Tokyo" with h323 address : h323:
It is a Polycom service number.
When double clicking on Tokyo it composes : h323:61 197 225 89 ekiga net

and then it doesn't work of course.

Same trouble when right click + call on Tokyo

When I have more than I registered account, I can choose the call with the
registrar I wish (I don't see the real usage of this option). But no option for
a simple call.

Le 26/03/2013 09:48, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
It works here.  Can you tell precisely how to reproduce the bug?

On 26/03/13 09:03, Thierry Simonnet wrote:
On contacts, for SIP :

   * it is possible to select the registrar you use (if multi)
   * address is automatically completed by @<registrar>

For H363 : on most cases only the IP address is mandatory and you could use H323
without login.
Then a H323 use is registred like this : h323:<ip address>
When logged on a SIP registrar, ekiga composes h323:<ip address>@<registrar>
that is a wrong address and it doesn't work.

When address is a h323 one don't add @<registrar>

Le 22/03/2013 18:19, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
 On 13/03/13 15:57, Thierry Simonnet wrote:

 I noticed that with the trunk version of ekiga there is a little trouble with
 h323 contacts.
 Using "contacts" tab, h323 address is completed by a @<mysipdomain>  when
 clickinng on the label.
 Unfortunately most h323 contacts use h323:<ip_addr> format (see Polycom test

 Could you explain more precisely what you do (Add Contact? Which h323 address
 do you enter?) and what you expect?

 Contacts function is not then very usable.

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