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On 28/01/13 18:31, Julien Puydt wrote:
Le 28/01/2013 18:12, Eugen Dedu a Ãcrit :
I cannot say anything on all this, except: can we use more meaningful
words than bank and dialect? Is bank a registrar? For me, bank is for
money. What is a dialect (a version of a spoken language?)?

A bank is where accounts are kept.

A dialect is a way to send/receive message.

I found Ekiga::Bank would be better than Ekiga::AccountLister, and
Ekiga::Dialect better than Ekiga::SomeWayToSendAMessage.

I have a small preference for AccountList.

Instead of dialect, couldn't we use Chat or IM?

You propose PresentityDecorator and ContactDecorator? What do these
words mean? Decorator is for GUI things, is that the case?

No, decorator is the name of a well-known design pattern ; it's a way to
add features to objects : it can be used for gui, but it's more general.

Those abstract classes are something which is already in ekiga ; it's
just that instead of making the Opal::Sip::EndPoint an implementation of
those classes, I propose to make Opal::Bank an implementation of those


I would also like to change roster (who in this list knows what it
means?) to local contacts or something like this. No software I know
uses the word "roster".

Well :

1) roster is a correct english word to describe a list of
people/contacts :

2) roster is the name of a contact list in the jabber protocol, see

3) a roster doesn't have to be local ; in fact we have a local-roster
which is used for the opal part of ekiga, but the loudmouth plugin
provides rosters which are kept on-server.

Roster is indeed an English word, but a software should use classical names, commonly used in software. Roster is used only in XMPP, in all other software is Contact list, Addressbook or something like that. The main target of ekiga is not XMPP, but SIP/H.323.

Apart XMPP, is there any software which uses the word roster? Twinkle, Linphone, thunderbird use addressbook. gmail uses chat list.


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