Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Redial issue of Ekiga incoming calls

Then if I send you a small patch, can you apply it and try again?

Or alternatively if you are a programmer can you see which instruction in call_notification_action_cb triggers the crash?

On 03/01/13 00:23, Lorin Melander wrote:
not really  I press answer only.
I follow instructions of the ekiga website to get ptlib and opal.

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Eugen Dedu
<Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr>  wrote:
On 02/01/13 21:29, Lorin Melander wrote:

I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 OS and use Ekiga 4.0 for h323 test.

I was able to dial to the Ekiga from the ntouch VP (Sorenson VP H323/SIP).

However the crash occurred after redailing to the ekiga.

The Ekiga can redial to the ntouch VP without problem but the Ekiga
would be crashed after redailing from the ntouch VP.

Help much appreciated.  Happy to provide additional info if needed.

The link of file is

I am really out of ideas on where the problem is...

Julien, Damien, any idea?  The crash appears at the call of a callback
function, it seems.

Where did you downloaded ekiga and ptlib from?

The crash appears after having pressed Reject, is that right?

Is it reproducible 100% at the second incoming call?


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