Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Various Bugs

On 08/08/12 09:32, hohyeis eml cc wrote:
I will list bugs and problems I encountered. If any of them are recognized and known to developers or fixed, please tell. Then I will elaborate on the rest.

Having applied the suggested patch to ekiga-3.3.2, I proceeded to build
a debug build. It compiles without failure.

I wish to run ekiga in a debugger.
GDB needs to be told the name of the binary executable, but `ekiga` is a
shell script to run .libs/ekiga, which does not run simply directly.

Being able to run the ekiga binary directly in the build directory would
be good.

I agree with you. What I do is execute src/ekiga, which creates a debuggable executable src/.libs/lt-ekiga.

- Installing gconf schemas fails with profuse error messages like:
WARNING: failed to install schema `/schemas/apps/ekiga/general/call_options/auto_answer', locale `sr@latin': Unable to store a value at key
  '/schemas/apps/ekiga/general/call_options/auto_answer', as the configuration server has no writable databases.

- Error messages regarding gconf. Perhaps related to schema not being installed?
** (ekiga:5630): CRITICAL **: entry_get_bool: assertion `gmconf key /apps/ekiga/general/... is of type GM_CONF_BOOL' failed

I do not have them.  Do you have any clue of what is wrong?

-  There is no sound by ALSA. Sound controls are inactive. Sound devices are shown correctly in the settings.

- Ekiga SegFaults at or after exit.

For the two above bugs I would prefer to test the latest code (see, master/trunk section). If not, send us the -d 4 output for the first bug, and gdb trace for the second.


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