Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.3.0 crash on selecting menu

On 20/01/11 05:44, g trentalancia libero it wrote:
Ekiga version 3.3.0
Opal version 3.8.3
Ptlib version 2.8.3


I also had this crash sometimes (but not always) after starting Ekiga
and just selecting the "Modify" menu (no call in progress or being

This crash is not easy to reproduce.

Attached stack backtrace.

Thank you very much for the backtrace.  Where is the "Modify" menu?

The crash is strange, it appears at:
#7 0xb7e37dcb in menu_item_selected (w=0x86fd6e0, data=0x0) at ../lib/gui/gmmenuaddon.c:144
        statusbar = 0x86fd500
        id = 1

i.e. in the code following from gmmenuaddon.c:
      gtk_statusbar_remove_all (GTK_STATUSBAR (statusbar), id);
however statusbar and id seem right.

Julien, do you have an idea?

Guido, could you compile manually ekiga if needed, or have you installed the binary, from a repository?


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