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Please delete my sip address and all ionformation about me
It's impossible for to use Ekiga trough the

De : Ekiga.net <noreply ekiga net>
À : richard_cayerbarrioz yahoo fr
Envoyé le : Mercredi 28 Décembre 2011 17h28
Objet : Welcome to Ekiga.net!

Hello Richard CAYER-BARRIOZ, welcome to Ekiga.net!
Thanks for signing up for Ekiga.net.
Ekiga.net provides you a free SIP account that others can use in order to call you.
By adopting SIP and Ekiga, you are adopting a standard protocol and Free Software, allowing the best in terms of stability, performance and interoperability. We hope that you will help us to continue to spread the word-of-mouth awareness about Ekiga.
The registration process is now done!
Your SIP address is: sip:r cayer ekiga net (this is what you will be giving out to your contacts)
You can now configure your softphone (e.g. Ekiga):
  • Your username is: r.cayer
  • Your password is: emsr2527
If you are using another softphone than Ekiga, you'll probably need to set the "registrar" to: ekiga.net
Today, with Ekiga and Ekiga.net, as a user you get for free:
  • A SIP address
  • CallerID
  • Free PC-to-PC Phone Calls
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Toll Free (800) Access to many countries
  • Access to Conference Rooms
  • Access to any SIP service
If you want to buy a real phone number in a foreign country, or give cheap phone calls around the globe, you can signup with our partner Diamondcard at the following URL:
Once your setup is complete, please feel free to call:
sip:500 ekiga net for an echo test
sip:501 ekiga net to discuss in the Ekiga.net chat room
Please remember that Ekiga.net is run by volunteers. We are unable to handle all private requests sent directly to us.
If you have questions or problems, please subscribe to our mailing list:
If you find these software and service useful, please consider donating to the project.
The software and the service are run graciously by volunteers, in their spare time.
Please go to the Ekiga website, and consider donating:
For more information about Ekiga and Ekiga.net, please visit the following URLs:
You can also find us on IRC: irc.gimp.org, #ekiga
Damien Sandras
Ekiga.net Accounts Team

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