Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [win32] Trouble with m4 with last version

Le 18/09/2010 09:28, Thierry Simonnet a écrit :

Here is the log of autogen :
checking for intltool >= 0.35.0... 0.40.0 found
checking for intltool-update... /usr/bin/intltool-update
checking for intltool-merge... /usr/bin/intltool-merge
checking for intltool-extract... /usr/bin/intltool-extract
checking for xgettext... /usr/bin/xgettext
checking for msgmerge... /usr/bin/msgmerge
checking for msgfmt... /usr/bin/msgfmt
checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
checking for XML::Parser... ok
checking for GTK... yes
checking for GLIB... yes
checking for boostlib >= 1.34... yes
checking whether the Boost::Signals library is available... yes
configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!
make: *** [/home/win32/ekiga/config.status] Error 1

Platform : Debian lenny x86, mingw-3.15
I don't have this when compiling for linux

This is after I updated the m4 files, right?


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