Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Regarding SRTP support

Am 12.09.2010 08:46, schrieb SM:
   Does Ekiga 3.2.7 have support for SRTP? Is it already enabled or we need
to compile it separately? Since OPAL has support for SRTP, can we utilize
the same?

I will really appreciate an early reply.


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I've done a very little in Opal for SRTP support some years ago,
but I don't know about the current status or if it has even been tested.

Anyway I vote for SRTP support in Ekiga, too, but can't implement it,
out of resources.

Although there only a few SIP providers with SRTP support.

For arranged p2p calls, Zimmermann's ZRTP proxy daemon can still be used?


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