Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [Win32] Makefile from 669 version

On 12/08/10 17:14, Thierry Simonnet wrote:

I tested (and use it now) the new Makefile for Win32 cross compiling. I
adapted some things to use ffmpeg, x264, opal and ptlib HEAD versions. I
put the diff file in attachment.
I noticed that patch system doesn't work for me.
I also noticed that loudmouth is removed : is moudmouth necessary or not?
There is a trouble with ekiga.nsi. It is necessary to add a line to
handle opal. Naming is libopal.dll.3.9-beta0 and is not handled by nsi

Hi Thierry,

1. I do not know what is loudmouth. Is it useful to add it to windows? But on gnu/linux?

2. I see:
-confx264 := $(confflags) --disable-avs-input
+#confx264 := $(confflags) --disable-avs-input
+confx264 := $(confflags) --disable-avs

but --disable-avs does not exist (input either). It's --disable-avis-input. Do you know something about that option?

3. Could you look why patch system does not work for you?

4. For opal 3.8.3, naming is libopal.3.8-beta3.dll, probably it has changed in trunk (I thin it is a bug).


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