Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 Ekiga-3.2.6 available


Michael Rickmann wrote:
> After more than two weeks of absence I am back and will care a bit more
> for Ekiga's Win32 port. So first thing to do was to build the new stable
> release. You find the installers and how to build in
> .

Nice work.

But I have now noticed a problem that my local video is now
always distorted. I was wondering, why it started happen now and
then I remembered I had changed picture resolution to 640x480.
Same problem is also in 352x288 resolution, but my earlier resolution
320x240 seem to work fine.

The picture is split in different
parts of the real picture for example:
| Part of real picture|
| Right side  | Left  |
| of the pic- | side  |
| ture        | of the|
|             | pic-  |
|             | ture  |
|             |       |

But the distortions are not always the same but size, position
and number (2 or 3) varies.

I attached a zip of logs. It includes pictures of the
distortions. The distortions are the same in PIP mode,
local view only mode and at the remote end.

I got also a log of a time, when I had to kill ekiga after
quit and one when my local video failed to start.

One thing about installer the "Will launch ekiga when Windows Starts."
is not localized. I checked from the code and it seems that there is
no macro for it in langmacros.nsh, but the string is used as is in


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