Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 Ekiga painful

Hi Craig,

> If upstream means Opal, then I think this is being a bit unfair.
> I use Opal/PTLib on Windows and Linux every day. On both these operating
> systems, there is no problem.
> We are extremely busy maintaining support for these two operating systems
> using their native compilers (gcc and MSVC), as well as bringing in new code
> and features.
> I've tried to cross-compile Ekiga for Windows, but it requires a debian box
> with the latest dev code (Sid?) and I simply can't dedicate a whole machine
> for this purpose, northe time it would take to make it work.
> Now, if I could cross-compile ekiga on a Fedora box then I would be REALLY
> interested..... :)

You should be able to use Fedora 11 for cross compiling for windows
[1]. It will have a complete mingw stack. I think the maintainer has
also pushed most of the stack to Fedora 10 as updates as well. If
there's any thing missing from it that you need let me know and I'll
see if I can't get it added.



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