Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 Opal datasize, please help

Damien Sandras schrieb:
Le dimanche 12 juillet 2009 à 22:40 +0200, Michael Rickmann a écrit :
I was stuck testing the latest changes to Ekiga since about 10 days. Once a call to 500 ekiga net had been established windows were piling up and rendered WinXP and Win7 unusable. Today I found the reason: commit 23036 to opal trunk which coresponds to 23028 opal v3_6 and is contained in the archives needed by Ekiga 3.2.5. Attached patch fixes this for ekiga head - it just reverses the opal commit - no final solution. I am really no opal expert and a bit lost here. Why has only Win32 been hit here? Good news is that "Split ekiga into an exec and helper libs" - it happend at about the same time as the opal change - seems to work for Win32.

Would you have a -d 4 output of the problem when it occurs without your

Robert will examine it.

Thanks a lot. I produced the -d 4 logs with my Win32 version of current Ekiga stable, i.e. Ekiga 3.2.5, Opal 3.6.4 and Ptlib 2.6.4. So commit 23028 to opal v3_6 seems to cause the error. The logs are rather long, you find them at 500 ekiganet-ekiga-killed-stderr txt is when calling 500 ekiga net As soon as the call was accepted empty windows were piling up and I had to kill Ekiga. fritzbox-nosound-ekiga-stderr.txt is when calling my audio-only SIP-phone-box at home. Ekiga told me that it was unable to open the audio driver, exit gracefully. The programs which I used can be found at : buggy-ekiga-setup-3.2.5-release.exe fails, ekiga-setup-3.2.5-release.exe is ok with patch reversed, ekiga_build-3.2.5.tgz documents how I built the stuff.
Thanks again

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