Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Audio issues

Damien Sandras schrieb:
Le mercredi 08 juillet 2009 à 12:18 -0400, Christian Schäfer a écrit :
audio seems to be still a game of luck with current ekiga's stable release. Sometimes when I answer an incoming call, I can't hear the caller and he can't hear me. Sometimes I can hear him, sometimes I can't but he can. There doesn't seem to be any rule for this behavior. I observed this with all 3.2 versions. It's independent of the sip provider or the caller. All three audio devices are set to default, I have no sound daemon running (like esd or pulse). Ekiga, opal and ptlib are self-compiled on Ubuntu Linux. Once this problem occurs, I have to restart ekiga to get sound working again properly. I'll send a d4 output a soon this happens again.
Anyone else having this problem?
It sounds like NAT issues.
No, this is independent of NAT. And if it wouldn't be, this problem should be reproducable then..

What is the cause then ?
I would assume a NAT issue as well. There are routers which according to Ekiga's NAT detection change their role, my Fritz!Box e.g.. In the -d 4 logs look for the lines containing stun. When I am continously starting Ekiga and make calls Ekiga detects cone NAT. The first time or after some inactivity it reads port restricted NAT.

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