Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Audio issues


> audio seems to be still a game of luck with current ekiga's stable release.
> Sometimes when I answer an incoming call, I can't hear the caller and he
> can't hear me. Sometimes I can hear him, sometimes I can't but he can. There
> doesn't seem to be any rule for this behavior. I observed this with all 3.2
> versions. It's independent of the sip provider or the caller.
> All three audio devices are set to default, I have no sound daemon running
> (like esd or pulse). Ekiga, opal and ptlib are self-compiled on Ubuntu
> Linux.
> Once this problem occurs, I have to restart ekiga to get sound working again
> properly. I'll send a d4 output a soon this happens again.
> Anyone else having this problem?

I've seen this on a number of occasions on Fedora as well. Fedora uses
PulseAudio but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I've even had some
report that they've recompiled ekiga 2 from F-9 and go back to that.
It seems very hit and miss as to what causes the issue and its very
hard to track down.


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